Trust Gaming Gxt 232 Mantis for Pc Gaming Microphone - Mikrofon

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  • [QUALITY AUDIO] The Trust GXT232 Mantis USB Streaming Microphone is built to deliver crystal clear recordings. Capture your new song or podcast with this microphone for PC to share it with the world
  • [RECORD EVERYTHING] The Mantis produces clear, distortion-free digital audio. Its the right device for various streaming and recording needs; from gaming broadcasts on Twitch or YouTube, to podcasts, vlogs, voice-overs and acoustic music
  • [SOUND PROFESSIONAL] The Mantis is equipped with a pop filter that minimises plosives (like Ps and Bs), so you can make sure that your recordings sound professional, without the need for excessive editing
  • [SHOCK-PROOF DESIGN] Enjoy tremble-free recordings; this condenser microphones shock mount neutralises surface tremors (even typing sounds wont travel up the microphone stand) and its tripod stand ensures stability
  • [EASY SETUP] The Trust GXT232 Mantis USB Streaming Microphone comes with a plug-and-play USB connection to instantly connect to your PC or laptop. You can place the PC gaming microphone anywhere on your desk or hold it in your hand