Genius 2.4 GHz Presenter with LCD Display Time Management

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Product Description

Media Pointer 1000
2.4GHz Presenter with LCD screen with Time Management

Media Pointer with LCD screen with time management function built in
Reliable 2.4GHz wireless - up to 10 meters working distance.
World's smallest pico receiver - easy to store.
Red laser beam for clear pointing ability
Presenter mode: Next page, Last page, F5/ESC, blank screen and laser beam button.
Media mode: Volume up, volume down, play/stop, fast forward, rewind function.

The Media Pointer 1000 from Genius is a handy multi-function presenter designed so you can deliver presentations more professionally. It features a unique LCD screen so you can control your presentation time effectively with the built in vibration function. To use the media mode, just click a button to run your audio/video files. Media Pointer 1000 uses 2.4GHz wireless transmission so it works up to distance of 10 meters so you can stroll around the conference room.